Fall 2020 Academy Classes

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Be The Story

(Grades PreK-4)

Creative Drama

(Grades PreK-1)

Students will beginning skills through creative play, guided improvisation, pantomime and storytelling. 
This course level is designed to foster a strong foundation of confidence and creativity in young students.

Students will work together learning skills through creative play, guided improvisation, storytelling, and poetry. Course encourages fundamental acting skills with special focus on introducing students to the Actor’s tools: Body, Voice, and Imagination.

Creative Drama

(Grades 2-3)

The Art of Acting

(Grades 4-5)

Concepts such as diction, projection, stage movement, and expression will be emphasized through the use of various texts including scripts, stories, and poems with focus on proper use of the actor’s 3 tools- body, voice, and imagination. Guided improvisation and confidence building activities will also be a part of this fun class designed to hone and encourage the emerging young actor.

Putting the Actor’s Tools into action, this class introduces students to character development, scene study, and the GOTE method. With emphasis on proper technique, collaboration, and creative actor choices, this course is designed prepare students for the next level of performance readiness.

The Art of Acting

(Grades 6-8)

The goal of this brand new class is to give students the tools to be confident and creative in their writing. Students will explore the difference between academic and creative writing and how they influence one another using the genres of flash fiction, short stories and plays, Each student will have a small collection of work at the end of class.

Creative Writing

(Grades 4-8)